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What’s new on Amazon Prime Video (March 2019) Entertainment 

What’s new on Amazon Prime Video (March 2019)

What’s new on Amazon Prime Video (March 2019)

Each month, Amazon adds a healthy dose of fresh content, providing viewers with a significant number of new and interesting things to watch. With so much new stuff, it can be hard to know what to watch without doing extensive research. Never fear, streaming enthusiasts and Amazon Fire TV owners: If you’re looking for the best of what’s new on Amazon Prime Video in March, we’re here to help.


March brings the premiere of the first season of Hanna, a Prime Original Series based on the 2011 film of the same name. The series follows a young girl trained from an early age by her father — a former operative in a mysterious agency — in the skills of hunting, tracking, killing, and surviving in a world where the pair have been on the run their entire lives together. When they’re separated by a CIA agent, Hanna embarks on a journey across Europe to find her father, and encounters a world of big cities and experiences she knows very little about along the way.

Also arriving on Amazon Prime Video in March is Cold War, the Oscar-nominated film that chronicles the love story between a two talented musicians in 1950s Poland, who see a chance to flee the post-war communist regime and escape to the West, but face some tough decisions in order to make that dream happen. A Prime Original movie, Cold War film is nominated for three Academy Awards this year in the “Best Foreign Language Film,” “Best Director,” and “Best Cinematography” categories.

Yet another Prime Original Series premiering in March, The Widow debuts its first season early in the month. The series stars Kate Beckinsale, who she plays a woman who refuses to believe that her husband died in a plane crash and sets off on a quest to find him. Her journey takes her into the unstable regions of the Congo and she must figure out who to trust in a world of mercenaries and warlords, where everyone poses a threat in one way or another.

There are also plenty of new and noteworthy movies and television series not produced in-house that will be available to Amazon Prime subscribers this upcoming month. Among the highlights are the first five seasons of the law drama series Boston Legal, season 4 of the soap opera The Royals, and the 2018 biographical film Colette.

Below, you’ll find the full list of everything that’s new on Amazon Prime Video in February and March, with our recommended films and shows in boldface. If you’re still not sure what to watch, we have a list of the best movies streaming on Amazon, as well as a list of the best TV shows streaming on Amazon, to help you make an informed choice. If Amazon isn’t your only go-to streaming service, we’ve also got helpful articles on what’s best on Netflix and the best films on HBO‘s streaming service…..Read More>>>


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