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Walmart vs. Amazon: Which online retailer is better, and why News 

Walmart vs. Amazon: Which online retailer is better, and why



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Consumer Intelligence Research Partners estimate that more than 100 million people in the U.S. subscribe to Amazon Prime, so most people are familiar with Amazon’s subscription service that gives you a ton of features like video content, music, books, and more for a monthly ($13) or annual fee ($119). Prime also affords subscribers free two-day shipping on eligible items, and people who live in eligible zip codes can get free one-day shipping, or even free same-day shipping.

Walmart offers a few different free shipping options, however, and you don’t have to pay any subscription fee at all. In select cities, the retailer offers free next-day shipping on qualifying orders over $35. Even if next-day shipping isn’t available in your area, you can get two-day shipping on orders over $35 regardless to where you live. Marketplace items, and certain other items are separate, and don’t count in the $35 total. For non-marketplace items that aren’t marked “free 2-day shipping,” you can usually get free 3-5 day shipping. For marketplace items, you may have to pay a separate fee for shipping though.

Winner: Walmart 


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Amazon offers a few different food services including Prime Now, Amazon Fresh, and Prime Pantry. Prime Now delivers groceries, household items, and restaurant foods to Prime members in select cities. Amazon Fresh is an extra subscription ($14.99/month in addition to Prime) that lets you have groceries delivered to you. The two services — Amazon Fresh and Prime Now — are set to be merging. Prime Pantry is another separate paid service where you fill up a box with food items and have them shipped to your home. Most of Amazon’s food options have an added cost outside of your regular Prime membership, whether that cost be extra shipping costs or delivery fees, extra subscription fees, both a subscription cost and a delivery or shipping fee, or the option to choose between an extra subscription fee or an extra shipping cost each time you use the service.

Walmart, on the other hand, offers a grocery pickup service that’s entirely free. There are no subscription costs whatsoever. They also offer a delivery service for a small fee (usually under $10 per delivery, regardless of the amount of groceries you order). Like Amazon, Walmart’s delivery service is only available in select cities. Walmart customers can also order a wide variety of food and household items on the Walmart website and receive free 2-day delivery provided their order exceeds $35. Walmart’s digital food sales grew 53% year over year, compared to just 8% at Amazon, according to eMarketer……Read more>>


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