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Tesla May Include Free Supercharging And Other Discounts For New Model 3 Purchases Reel Trend 

Tesla May Include Free Supercharging And Other Discounts For New Model 3 Purchases

Tesla is said to be planning to offer free supercharging to orders and purchases for its electric cars soon. The promo has been discontinued in the past but will be offered for two years of free supercharging. Apparently, this promo will now be applied to the company’s most purchased vehicle, the Model 3.

The company is said to have informed its sales employees to start offering free supercharging promos to Model 3 orders. Tesla is also putting discounts on its cars still in its inventory and providing more affordable order prices for them, according to a report from Electrek.

So far, the company now has a record for pushing its sales higher when a fiscal quarter is about to end. Right now, the discount and promo drive is the company’s strategy. Prior to this quarter, the company offered bonuses to employees that broke record deliveries which paid off to the company’s advantage.

For its third quarter, Tesla is now pushing to sell more with the three remaining weeks. To further boost and encourage buyers to take a Tesla right now, the free supercharger promo has been reauthorized.

The promo will last two years and allow the owner to have free refills on any Tesla supercharger station with their car. Compared to its competition, Tesla has the largest battery recharging station network throughout Europe and the U.S. Availing a Tesla for its Supercharger station advantage is often a practical choice for consumers.

Meanwhile, the company is also pushing another strategy which waives feature fees in the vehicle if there are similar cars in stock. If a consumer orders a Model 3 vehicle with 18-inch wheels, a similar Model 3 with 19-inch wheels could be offered without the need to pay more for it. The discount in these deals is tremendous as the wheel upgrade could cost them $3,500.

With these strategies in place, Tesla is aggressively aiming to obtain record sales again like the company did earlier this 2019. The good record could help the company market itself better to future customers and also help it take its lead further against its rivals.

Source:- ibtimes

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