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Starbucks and UberEats are taking their delivery program nationwide News 

Starbucks and UberEats are taking their delivery program nationwide

I know I hate it when I’m stuck in an office, and it’s getting late in the day, but I really, really want a coffee that didn’t come from the federal Superfund site that is the break room. Previously, I’d have had to just embrace being miserable and tough it out, but soon that won’t be the case.

Starbucks Delivers is a service from Starbucks announced Tuesday that does what it sounds like — it delivers Starbucks coffee. Created by the Seattle-based coffee megacorp in exclusive partnership with UberEats, the service is set to launch across the US in 2020.


“We are driven to create new and unique digital experiences that are meaningful, valuable and convenient for our customers,” Roz Brewer, group president and chief operating officer for Starbucks, said in a statement. “Partnering with Uber Eats helps us take another step toward bringing Starbucks to customers wherever they are.”

A pilot program took place in 11 markets across the country starting in Miami in 2018. Users can also order their coffee and pastries through the UberEats app, which they’re probably already using anyway.

And because Starbucks is partnering with UberEats officially, approximately 95% of Starbucks’ menu items will be available through the UberEats app, and you’ll also be able to customize your order the same way you can when using Starbucks’ own app.

Also of note is the fact that Starbucks says it has developed custom packaging for the service to ensure that your cold items stay cold and your hot things stay hot. We assume that the packaging takes into account the kind of treatment food gets from third-party courier services and is well sealed.

Source:- cnet


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