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Program Manager, Technical Dubbing Jobs 

Program Manager, Technical Dubbing

The International Dubbing team is bridging global storytellers with local voices, making joy accessible to all audiences. As Netflix continues to scale, the Dubbing Innovation (DI) group focuses on operationalizing solutions for the International Dubbing team through cross-functional collaboration and data-driven methods to fuel business decisions.
As a Program Manager, Technical Dubbing, you will work with International Dubbing, Engineering, and Sound Technology, among many others. You will be responsible for global implementation of dub audio solutions and infrastructure. You will identify industry audio challenges and implement innovative technical improvements. This role is unique as it merges audio engineering expertise with solutions management. If you love solving complex problems and have a proven track record of architecting scalable solutions, this is the job for you. Our environment is fast-paced, requiring the ability to work autonomously with minimal supervision. You will need to demonstrate excellent strategic, problem-solving skills and a proven record for improving existing frameworks, tools and technologies. The right mix of organizational and communication skills is key to success as a large part of the role is collaborating with business partners to understand and communicate needs.
About You
You are an expert in the fields of sound recording, editing, mixing and dubbing/localization. You understand current motion picture sound practices and tools, and how we’ve arrived at them as technology and creative demands have evolved. You have worked with filmmakers, directors, show-runners, editors, producers, recordists, mixers, sound supervisors, archivists, network or studio executives, and you understand their goals and challenges. You’ve kept abreast of developing standards and new technologies that are shaping the way soundscapes are created and reproduced for consumers, and have ideas about how to ensure their longevity. You’re comfortable interacting with the domestic and international sound community and are able to easily explain technical concepts to non-technical audiences.


  • Build strong relationships with dub studios around the world, leading best practices and implementation.
  • Manage programs to uplevel the dub audio industry; recording, mixing, quality control, delivery, M&E, and software solutions.
  • Maintain all documentation pertaining to dub audio and Dubbing team.
  • Address opportunities to implement tooling and workflow optimization.
  • Effectively communicate dubbing and project updates cross-functionally.
  • Organize and provide educational technical/audio training for Int’l Dubbing and all cross functionals (as interested/required). This will involve typical scenarios related to the recording and mixing of dubbed content, plus territory nuances and best practices.
  • Gather context from the teams and identify key pain points, and assess the impact of the problem. Document business priorities, define goals and outcomes to achieve.
  • Thoroughly understand the world of dub audio across the studio ecosystem and research into the context and impact around audio engineering initiatives.
  • Work with partners in Sound Technology, Audio Algorithms, Product, and Engineering to evolve established solutions into further optimization and automation.
  • Facilitating meetings and guiding conversations to ensure focus on the topic and to enable various perspectives to be heard.


  • 8+ years of experience in audio visual exhibition and post production or dubbing technology, interacting with creatives, vendors, managing maintenance and upgrades
  • Expert in creating a fully filled M&E
  • Mastery of Pro Tools and Dolby Atmos
  • Understanding of all forms of professional audio formats, technology, best practices, maintenance
  • Experience with integration and operation of post-production tools and infrastructure, as well as consumer devices
  • 5+ years experience in audio mixing or audio editorial
  • Knowledge of sound industry standards and acoustic science
  • Agile, goal-oriented personality, driven to succeed and always up for a challenge.
  • Ability to be forward thinking and innovative, while proactively making decisions that can sometimes be difficult or challenging. Passion for learning and experimenting with new technologies. Experience building and defining software requirements…Read more>>


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