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‘Kids’ is a mesmerizing iOS art game about the human collective News 

‘Kids’ is a mesmerizing iOS art game about the human collective

Oddly we’re more comfortable facing the question of who we are as individuals — we’re more afraid to reckon with how the collective defines most of who we are or how we act.

But the short hand-drawn game Kids — recently released by Michael Frei and Mario von Rickenbach, the award-winning German duo known for Plug & Play — immerses you in the nature of group dynamics. That doesn’t even begin to cover the scope of what Kids captures, though. With a minimalist yet celestial aesthetic, the 15-30 minutes it takes to play feel like a free fall through universal human experiences.


In the iOS version (though it’s also available on Android, PC, Mac, and Linux), a simple touch control lets you initiate reactions with ripple effects, whether in crowds or individuals or even an umbilical cord-like tunnel. Kids works purely in symbols and tableaus, giving off a lot of Plato’s Allegory of the Cave vibes.

Fascinatingly the puzzles are not solved through complex mechanics, but rather psychological reasoning. The solutions rely on a series of “aha” moments of recognition about how certain social dynamics play out in the real world……..Read More>>


Source:- mashable


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